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Wednesday, July 30
16.45 Jan Born, Andrea Schaub, University of Tübingen, Germany
Welcome address
17.00 Georg Northoff, University of Ottawa, Canada
Keynote lecture: What brain imaging can and cannot tell us about consciousness
18.00 Welcome reception


Thursday, July 31
09.00 Bruno Bontempi, CNRS and University of Bordeaux, France
Tracking the memory trace during systems-level memory consolidation
09.40 Penny Lewis, University of Manchester, UK
Sleep, consolidation, and semantic memory formation
10.20 Coffee break
10.40 Almut Hupbach, Lehigh University, US
Mechanisms of Episodic Memory Change
11.20 Rebecca Spencer, University of Massachusetts Amhurst, US
Filtering memories for consolidation over sleep: How wide is the funnel?
12.00 Lunch break
13.30 Young Investigator Symposium
15.00 Coffee break
15.20 Loren Frank, University of California San Francisco, US
Awake replay: A potential substrate for memory retrieval and consolidation
16.00 Ted Abel, University of Pennsylvania, US
The molecular impact of sleep deprivation on hippocampal function
16.40 Coffee break
17.00 Yadin Dudai, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Keynote lecture: The First Seconds of a New Item in Real-Life Episodic Memory
20.00 “Sommerinsel”


Friday, August 1
09.40 Jacobo Sitt, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, France
Insights and applications from contrasting conscious states
10.20 Coffee break
10.40 Poster Blitz Session
12.00 Lunch break
13.30 Poster Session A
14.15 Poster Session B
15.00 Coffee break
15.20 Todd Sacktor, State University of New York, US
Physiological role and null-mutant compensation for PKMzeta in long-term memory storage
16.00 Cliff Abraham, University of Otago, New Zealand
Metaplasticity wars: Braking vs accelerating plasticity
16.40 Coffee break
17.00 Nicola S. Clayton & Clive Wilkins, University of Cambridge, UK
Keynote lecture: Memory as the Mirror for Tomorrow
20.00 Dinner Party


Saturday, August 2

10.00 Jennifer Windt, University of Mainz, Germany
Memory and dreams: A philosophical perspective
10.40 Denise Manahan-Vaughan, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Synaptic plasticity at the interface between experience and the creation of hippocampal memories
11.20 Coffee break
11.40 Meet The Expert
13.00 Closing Farewell
13.15 Lunch break
15.00 “Stocherkahn” punting trip


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